Video Game Art Concept Design

Junior Workshop Project

Game Synopsis + Storyline

For generations, those in the Servia Order have been using the power of Ilor, granted to them by the Sun Being Yilhiah. The blessing of Yilhiah kept the planets safe and healthy, keeping peace among the plants. However, in the people’s time of need, Yilhiah disappeared, causing an era to begin known as The Failing. After The Failing began, the Matriarch and her Chancery took over complete reign. Since no one could control Ilor quite like Yilhiah, planets slowly began dying, and people became desperate, starting wars over the control of Ilor. The Matriarch noticed this unrest, and announced that she would use the power of the sun to destroy all life in the Outer Ring, and save only the Inner Ring. Civil unrest grew, and our hero, Ciro, sets out on a journey to confront the Matriarch, and save their home.

The “god” Yilhiah is part of a species called Vterathian that are born from the sun. Vterathians can communicate over solar systems by using a sun. Yilhiah was born from Servia, the solar systems main sun. Vterathians can control the power of the sun, and distribute it among the solar system. Before Yilhiah disappeared and before The Failing began, it and the Matriarch were in a kind of romantic relationship, that was well known among the court and the people of the Servia Order. The Matriarch was soon due for a baby, and after birth she named the child Cilhiathro, the main character. However, when Ciro’s hand goes to touch Yilhiah’s, it is set ablaze, and has to be amputated. Yilhiah, ashamed that it can't even touch its own child, returns to the sun in shame and guilt, causing The Failing, which caused the Ilor on each planet to begin weakening and become toxic, only able to be handled by Vterathians. However, while healing Ciro’s arm, the court discovers that because their blood runs with the vitality of the sun, it can be used to heal planets and restore them as Vterathians do to their own solar system. The only issue is because Ciro is only half Vterathian, in order to have enough power to save the entire Servia Order, their whole life force would have to be used, causing Ciro to die. Terrified of anyone in or outside of the court trying to kill Ciro and save the Servia Order, the Matriarch sends Ciro to Minma to be raised by the Minmanian species called the Labris. In order to prevent Ciro’s death even further, the Matriarch went and altered all stories and legends of Yilhiah, painting it as a god instead of as a Vterathian. Anyone who claimed Yilhiah wasn’t god was killed.Time passes, and the Matriarch becomes more and more aware of the effects of The Failing, realizing she must make a call to action. In a mission to have her child return to her to be sacrificed, she announces to the Servia Order she will eliminate all life on the Outer Ring for the sake of the Inner, knowing this will not slip by Ciro. And it works, Ciro heard this, and felt the duty to protect those they grew up with, their family, and leaves to confront the Matriarch and save the life in the Outer Ring. During their journey, they meet new individuals who are searching for their own paths and discovering who they are, and agree to help Ciro. When Ciro finally encounters their mother they are told the truth about everything, and how they have two choices: die and sacrifice their life force to save the lives of everyone in the Servia Order, or live and cause everyone else to perish from the toxic Ilor. This final choice is one made by the player, and if they decide to sacrifice themselves, the player see Ciro finally become a full Vterathian, and are told a new truth: all Vterathians eventually die, and in order to test their heir, it must go through a long journey to collect its own chancery of people it meets in its journey. If the player decides to live and let everyone perish, the world collapses, and the player is forced to watch the planets and their new friends die, and are left alone forever.

Cover + Title Card

Environment + Creature Concepts


Matrilor is home to the Matriarch and her Chancery. It is where they rule the entry Servia Order from. The planet itself was once an asteroid that had entered orbit around the sun, and the high religious powers claimed it was a gift from Yilhiah. The asteroid was full of Ilor. The more Ilor, the more powerful the planet. This gave Matrilor its immense amount of power resource.
The asteroid was turned into a planet used extensive tech and power of Yilthiah directly, which the Matriarch and her Chancery control. Because the planet is almost all tech, the weather, temperature, seasons, and so on are all controlled by the Matriarch.


Minma is the home of Ciro, the playable character, and is the marketplace and labor camp of the Servia Order. Everyone from everywhere, both the inner and outer rings, purchase their goods and rare materials from Minma.
This is the location of Ciro’s workshop, where they create cybernetic goods for those in the outer ring.
This is also the location of Gorgoon, a dealer who will sell the player materials for upgrades and trading.


A tropical planet full of life, and home to the Banish. Full of lush forests and colorful greenery, this planet is home to the rich and wealthy with its abundance of Ilor.
Home to Norwa Eico, this planet is full of the privileged and wealthy who wish to see the outer ring destroyed, while secretly those who live here in this Oasis of the stars, source their materials from Minma.

Character Profiles


Ciro is a very positive and optimistic individual, always looking on the brighter side and willing to fight to save the people they love and care for. While living on Minma, they took on a job as an apprentice for cybernetic research and engineering, with a will to use this technology and their adept skill in it to create machines that will protect and better the lives of those around them.
When Ciro hears that all life in the Outer Ring will be eradicated, they jump into action, determined to use this as a chance to save life across the entire Servia Order.

Norwa Eico

Norwa was born in a high and wealthy family on Banearr and grew up surrounded by fauna and flora with not much care or knowledge of the world outside of hers. It was when She was sent to her Gale (a rite of passage) that she started to realize what was out there. During her Gale, a group of bandits disguised as a transport cart, crashed into the planet to steal riches and Ilor for the less fortunate in the outer ring. Norwa assists in fighting off the bandits, which is her first encounter with Lok, disrupting her Gale. Post battle, Norwa questions her family on who they were and why they were stealing. They become angered at this, and as she realizes the truth of the world, she decides to break away from her family in order to find herself and protect others from her own planet.


Renrie was born into poor family from Equator Banko, the hottest place in Banko where the water boils due to the amount of Ilor that pushes through the core. Renrie hates his family and his family line, and left Equator Banko to Polar Banko, where the waters are full of glaciers and frozen waves. Also the location of Banko Prison. Renrie arrived at the prison, and using slight powers of seduction, a power that passes through the Florr line, but is a gift that is very rare which is why reñiré decided to leave, he was traumatized by his family’s expectation of himself.


Sil or B2-B9 is a robot prototype ment to be sent out in an army in case of war. The purpose of the bot was to reduce civilian casualities by sending machines. This issue with B2-B9 was the creator game it too much emotion, made it too real. the balance between machine and creature was too strange, resulting in Sil.

Tiras + Loktre Kor